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Decrepitude, cloud computing & iced tea in my pc

File this post under, be careful what you wish for & practice what you preach. Why? Because last week I wrote down that I wanted to spend more time away from my computer.¬†Later that afternoon I knocked over about 1 pint of iced tea that spilled into my workstation. Was it devine providence? Autosuggestion? Or just perhaps ineptitude on my part? In any case, my wonderful work horse computer went snap, crackle and pop! In my many, many hours of computing, I’ve spilled stuff on my keyboard. Um, an entire mug of hot tea on my brand new, uber-expensive laptop, that was a lot of fun, sarcasm. Yes, yes, I feel like a bonehead. I digress, however.

I advocate cloud apps and frequent backups for all of my clients, friends, family, Romans, countrymen…you expect me to say I’m like the cobbler who’s kids run around barefoot and that I don’t practice what I preach, right? Wrong. I’m fully backed up and have my music, docs, email, everything I need in the cloud.¬†Wow, well bully for you Nate, you say? No, I’m not patting myself on my back, a little bit, perhaps… Really, what I am doing is beating my drum for utilizing cloud tech and frequent backups. Many of my super-nerdly friends and collegues eschew the cloud and like their old school methods of backup, rinse repeat… That’s fine, but restoring from image files sucks big time. For all my rambling up to this point, here is my point to this post and what I did to get up an running on another computer in a few minutes:

  • Use web / cloud apps. I both use personally and advocate professionally.
  • Gmail and Google apps for contact management, email, & docs. Dropbox. Amazon Cloud drive for music. Delicous & Diigo for bookmarks. Picassa & Flickr for photos.
  • Google Chrome sync & Firefox sync for my browsers.

Since cloud apps are browser based, getting my browsers reconfigured was the biggest hassle of moving to a new computer. However, with Chrome & Firefox sync in mere minutes I was again a fully armed and operational battle station. It’s mindless, one click & you are back in business solution.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve set my family, friends & clients all up with similar systems and have restored them with as much success. I hope your setup is as easy. If not, use this as the kick in the pants to get your IT house in order. & yes perhaps I should keep my tea away from my computer. It has been so long (about 12 years) since I trashed the, above referenced brand new laptop, that I got cocky. I shall endeavor to be more careful & keep my drinks away from my computer. Save beer & vino ;) they don’t count do they?

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